A half-letter, “short pour” women's brewing publication; 20 full-color pages of local and national features of women making strides in the beer industry. Intended for light reading material, available at bars & breweries, as part of my Senior Capstone project. (See Brand: Brewed) 
Low-circulation, non-commercial project publication concept using borrowed and modified text & images.
Outer & Inner Cover images by Yuli Scheidt
Drop-In Brewing Interview by Julia Clancy / Photo by Brooke Wilcox

Zero Gravity Interview by Hannah Palmer Egan / Photo by Adam Krakowski
Building a Community
Interview by Fat Girl Food Squad / Photos by the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies
All Together Now
Photos by Norman Miller (Metrowest Daily), Shira Kogut (Justbeer.com), Keith Grauman (The Growler), & BSG Craftbrewing
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