Beer and the brewing industry have developed their own unique culture over the years, primarily seen at the start of the new century, as a “man’s drink.”

Why? Perhaps because beer companies' ads have been target-marketed towards men for decades. As the domestic industry has grown since the days of peddling home-brews, major beer brewing corporations’ with large distribution range have marketed their tactics and crafted quite an unwelcoming space for women drinkers. Many if not most advertisements for beer before the 2000s featured instances of sexist, stereotypical, and demeaning associations used between women, sex, male pleasure and beer.​​​​​​​
Here's a fun fact, though: 
ancient and medieval ale brewing-- the start of it all-- was process perfected and carried through the ages by pre-civilization’s first brewers, the women in the households. 

This project aims to promote women getting into beer by sharing the immense history of women and brewing, dating back to ancient Egypt and pre-civilization around the world.


I challenge women to reconsider. There is opportunity for strong females and beer drinkers alike to revisit where beer brewing all started, and have a new appreciation for it as a woman’s drink, too.

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This project is meant to provide information to those interested 
in the history of brewing, and to celebrate the role of women in the industry. The growing craft beer trend gives major beer brands a second chance to market women appropriately and respectfully, reconsider previously use non-inclusive identity tactics, and end 
the offensive stereotypes.

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